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The Diaries of Charlotte Grove

The Diaries of Charlotte Grove

Listed below are the names of a number of people and families mentioned in Charlotte's diaries.  Click on a name to open each file.

A - Abbot, Abercromby, Abernethy, Abbot, Acland, Adams, Addington, Adlam, Ady, Amey, Anson, Arundel, Auber,

B - Bennet, Blackmore, Blandford, Blunt, Bowles, Boys, Bracher, Bradley, Bromley, Bugden, Bullock, Burlton, Burt, Butt,

C - Cardew, Chitty, Chowne, Child, Cooke, Cother, Cull,

D - Dansey, Deane, Dimmer, Dorymede, Downes, Du Boulay,

E - Ekins, Ellen, Erle, Eyre,

F - Fane, Farquharson, Finch, Foot, Fraser, Futcher,

G - Gilbert, Goodford, Gordon, Graves, Greenway, Grisdale, Grove, Gurd,

H - Hamilton, Hardy, Harris, Haynes, Helyar, Henstridge, Hepburn, Herring, Hetley, Hill,

I - Imber,

J - Jackson, James,

K - Kellaway, Kelly, King, Kneller, Knightley,

L - Lane, Lathy, Leslie, Lipscombe, Long, Loring, Lucas, Lumley, Lush,

M - Maffey, Mair, Marchant, Markland, Monkland,

N - New,

O - Orde,

P - Parham, Parsons, Partridge, Penruddock, Phelips, Pilfold, Pinkney, Pinnock, Popham, Portman,

Q -

R - Rolles, Rudge,

S - Sainsbury, Samler, Scammel, Seagrave, Sergison, Sharp, Shelley, Shere, Singleton, Snow, Standen, St Lo, Still, Stretch, Strickland, Stockwell, Storey, Sydenham,

T - Talbot, Tregonwell, Trenchard

U -

V -

W - Waddington, Walsh, Warburton, Weeks, Weld, Wickens, Wilson, Wright, Wyndham,

X -

Y - Young,

Z -


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