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The indexes are designed to provide the reader (or researcher) with details of the diary content.  The Surname, Placename and Event Indexes give the total number of entries containing a particular surname, place or “event” during any year.  For example, anyone looking for the name COOKE in the Surname Index will find the name is mentioned within 18 different entries in 1811 and 55 entries in 1812.  Likewise, within the Placename Index, the village of “Tollard Royal” is mentioned within 14 entries in 1811 and 5 in 1812.  In the Event Index can be found all manner of interesting things – from Carriages and Card-games to Railways and Riots – even Murder!



It was felt impractical to produce all-encompassing searchable indexes by page number (for example, the name HELYAR occurs in as many as 64 entries in 1812).  The adopted indexing method hopefully provides a good indication of diary content and those viewing the diaries electronically will be able to conduct specific searches using the “edit / find” facility.  The indexes are in PDF format.



The Character Index attempts to list all the individuals mentioned in the diaries - of which there are a very great many.  It is intended to provide an identity and, where possible, a relationship to others.  This index is currently in a “raw” state; it is not a definitive list and there are at present many known duplications, errors and ambiguities.



The Book Index is a compilation of books, plays, songs, etc, mentioned in the diaries.  Entries are listed chronologically by date and there are notes regarding authorship and year of first publication.



Also on this page are links to Sample Diary Entries, Berwick St John Monumental Inscriptions, some useful websites and other information.



Please remember that the Indexes are in the process of construction and are not complete! There will also be errors; please contact the editors if you feel there are inaccuracies or you would like to contribute further information.   


The transcription of The Diaries of Charlotte Grove (later Downes) together with the content of this website are copyright © John Lane & Valerie Lane Kay

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